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So I always thought that the [serious] bulges male dancers had was due to a huge case of ego and oneupmanship between them. It turns out I was wrong and they, in fact, wear something called Dance Belt that prevents injuries, by holding everything tightly, and gives The Bulge a smooth appearance preventing distractions led by the dancer's...equipment flailing around.

dance belt

The ever-helpful Wikipedia has an article about them that can make your day.
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crap, totally forgot :S
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Telescopic text is so much fun, just click on the highlighted words and the story will expand.
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The first part of a series of yummy goodness that'll end up on the premiere of the second half of Glee's first season.

And that's how Sue sees it
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So I'm guessing everyone has seen the Betty White Sniker's commercial she did for the Super Bowl which, you could say, re-launched her career and brought up this Betty White Madness that has her going around doing interviews, appearances on several Talk Shows and ended up with an offer to host SNL on may [that was thanks to a facebook petition joined by more than 500,000 people].
Betty White is so adorable and she looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and she's quite funny, to sum it up: everyone's perfect grandma. Which makes this appearance on Ellen even funnier...or slightly disturbing.

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Después del pasado 27 de febrero el tema en Chile es el terremoto y sus consecuencias y, bien ejemplificado por Juanelo, ya estamos todos chatos de este cuento que pareciera nunca acabar.

"Yo no vengo a vender, si no que a regalar"
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You can find on Xrite's web-page the FM 100 Hue Test, this test is designed to measure how well you see color, the lower the number, the better the score.
I found this test on one of AfterElton's many memes and it seemed, by comments made by readers publishing their results, that there was some kind of link between jobs and scores, i.e. designers and architects had better scores than, say, engineers.
*cough*My score was a perfect zero*cough*
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Cracked.com has a list of "7 Common Survival Tactics (that Will Get You Killed)". The list is quite interesting and it's very helpful since it refutes a lot of the usual survival tactics...Now I have an excuse to not drink pee. Not that I needed one in the first place
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Haru Wo Daite Ita © Youka Nitta, No copyright infringement intended.

Amo leer, me encanta, y de repente me topo con historias que me emocionan y me llegan, que leo y releo mil veces. Juegos de Seducción es una de ellas. Esta historia está publicada en un sitio en internet que [lamentablemente] es un poco inestable, así que ante el horror de no poder leerla cuando quisiera, decidí guardar un copia en mi HD de ella [en word], y luego no pude resistir la tentación de hacer un fanbook [InDesign mega-rocks!]. En esto perdí mi tiempo en vez de trabajar para la u. [portada y contraportada/blurb]
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apartment therapy está plagado de cosas así, casas y departamentos bellos y de toda envidia...este me caló un poquito más que el resto, entre los colores y los muebles *sigh*

ps: y ese window seat...de todo ensueño
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I'm a industrial design student, nonetheless there are more chances to find work, in my totally uninformed opinion, as a graphic designer. That's why I've found myself [almost as an afterthought] participating in different graphic projects that have given me experience and [inevitable] some terrible times, this project combines quite well both of them.


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