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GAIA10 - Official Trailer from Steffen K on Vimeo.

From The Vimeo Description:
The Gaia Project to raise awareness for climate change, started in 2007 as an open source community project to create digital art for this cause. In the last four years a group of 5.000 designers - members from laFraise, Behance, deviantArt and other big design websites - joined them to create designs, music and articles around this major theme.

Gaia curator Marius Bauer approached Steffen Knoesgaard with a suggestion to collaborate on making the first official trailer for the Gaia project and thus adding moving images to the Gaia project for the first time.

Teaming up with fellow motion designers Fredrik Ekholm and Simon Holmedal, the team created the trailer working in an online collaboration from 4 different countries based out of New York, Amsterdam, London and Munich. Musician Kevin Durante, an contributor to earlier Gaia releases, joined in to make a custom sound track - that will be released later as a full length track on the forthcoming Gaia album.

Background Image part of the Gaia 10 Project Gallery
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also: I've just watched the Sticky & Sweet DVD and damn it!
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16 Millions of pretty colors
click on the pic for info
/via [AfterElton]
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You can find on Xrite's web-page the FM 100 Hue Test, this test is designed to measure how well you see color, the lower the number, the better the score.
I found this test on one of AfterElton's many memes and it seemed, by comments made by readers publishing their results, that there was some kind of link between jobs and scores, i.e. designers and architects had better scores than, say, engineers.
*cough*My score was a perfect zero*cough*
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TEDtalks are a series of talks under the motto "ideas worth spreading". Each talk's purpose is to make and idea known/show a new advance/tell a personal experience whose diffusion will help the world in some way, this talks can be motivational/economical/technological/of design and it's really worth the trouble to watch them. There's a new one every weekday


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